Press Release: “Dancing on Glass” Ambrotype Exhibition  

Giles Clement is bringing his studio to the following cities for a live exhibition of “Dancing on Glass.”

The multi-city exhibition brings together the athletic beauty of dancers and an antique method of photography known as ambrotype. Dancers are captured in flight on a large sheet of silver and glass during an interactive one hour performance where audiences can see the steps and techniques of the medium. From conceptualization and planning, to a 20,000 watt pulse of strobe used to expose the image to the magic of chemistry as the images are brought to life. The exhibit runs from June 30th to July 18th and is open to the public.

Nashville based photographer Clement is best known for his unequivocal and intimate large format portraits. He uses one of the earliest photographic techniques, known as wetplate-collodion, creating unique silver halide images on sheets of glass or metal.

Clement’s cameras and lenses, some more than 160 years old, were hand built by craftsmen in small shops. Made in an age before computerized manufacturing, each of his photographic instruments inherits the minor flaws of their designers. Flaws which are often revealed in the creation of perfectly imperfect images.

Over the last five years Clement has photographed musicians in on site studios at music festivals around the country including Elvis Costello, Fiona Apple, Kris Kristofferson, Margo Price and many more. He’s worked with Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair and W Magazine and partnered with a long list of brands including Raleigh Denim, Squarespace, Black Diamond, Limited Brand and Thirdman Records.

For locals interested in sitting for a 16x20” ambrotype portrait themselves, bookings can be made by visiting

Tour Schedule: 

  •     Richmond, VA - Sunday, July 2 at Candela Gallery
  •     Philadelphia - Saturday, July 8 - True Hand Tattoo 
  •     NYC (Brooklyn etc.) - Wednesday, July 12 - TBA
  •     Providence, RI - Saturday, July 15th - Waterfire Arts Center 
  •     Boston, MA - Tuesday, July 18 - TBA 

“Giles Clement is one of the best I have encountered…These are pictures for posterity, Portraits with a capital P, as well as (by any reasonable definition) Fine Art.” Roger Hicks, Amateur Photographer

“With his cocked hat and thousand-yard stare, Elvis Costello's ambrotype pose defines the technique's surreal quality.”  – Rolling Stone

“Clement takes his cameras and other equipment wherever he goes in pursuit of “the perfect plate.” His tintype portraits hark back to a time of intricate photographic processes. Clement’s intimate and intense approach to portraiture captures the essence of his subjects in each portrait.” – Lomography