I'm very excited to be bringing the big 16x20 camera out in Nashville on September 10th for the first time in almost a year. If you've been waiting for a truly special portrait on glass, this is your chance. Looking forward to meeting you and making something beautiful. 



October Tintype Studio Session
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  • $900.00 for 1 Ambrotype session - this includes an actual 16x20" glass ambrotype image and a digital file.
  • Any subsequent images from the same sitting are $700.00.
  • Please make your reservation and 50% deposit to secure your sitting. The balance is due at the end of your session.

Sitting Details:

  • Each session will be approximately one hour long and we will work with you to make the sure that when the shutter button is clicked, we're capturing the best possible image.
  •  The subjects will have to be relatively still in order for me to focus the camera but the actual exposure is very quick. 
  • We love pets but sorry we can't photograph any furry friends with this camera. 
  • The ambrotype images require work after the session and will be ready to pick up on Saturday the 19th. 

Important Notes:

  • The ambrotype process is one which is inherently flawed. I have yet to make a perfect photograph with this medium so please expect there to be some minor imperfections on your glass plate.
  • You will look a lot like you in your picture. Please love yourself whether that be beautiful, handsome or straight up ravishing. There's no photoshop with these so come prepared to look honestly amazing.