We'll be out on the road again this summer and bringing with us the 16x20 ambrotype camera. 

With the big ambrotypes we like to get to know you a bit and the process takes a bit more time than a tintype so our sessions are 2 hours each. During that time we'll work with you to create a one of a kind piece of art. 

The first opportunities to work with me in creating an original 16x20  are in Nashville on June 24th and then Atlanta on July 1st. For more information and booking for those dates please click here:


We'll then be heading up the east coast in mid July with possible stops in New York, Philadelphia and Boston followed by a visit to Los Angeles. That said, we're always very open to visiting other cities, towns, or even making home visits. If you're interested please use the following form to let us know where you are and to be included in our mailing list which we'll use to keep you posted on our travels. 

Thanks and hope to see you in the next few months!

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